Cooking CRUD with Flex and BlazeDS

In today “s cooking class you “ll add to your cookbook a delicious recipe. It “s quick and won “t cost you a dime. I “m sure you “ve been in one of these situations when you have unexpected guests arriving in 20 minutes and need to make a good impression. Let “s do it.

Ingredients Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers: Flex Builder 3 plugin version: http://www.flex.orgAdobe BlazeDS 3.0: Data Builder 3.0 Beta plugin for Eclipse from Farata Systems: Tomcat 6.0 DB2: .

If DB2 is not spicy enough for you, replace it with other seasonings like MySql Server, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. Out of these ingredients only Flex Builder 3 is not free unless you are a student, faculty or are willing to cook it with a 60-day trial version.

Time of cooking After all ingredients are installed, creation of a basic CRUD should take you less than 10 minutes.

Video If you prefer to start with watching a nine-minute video of how this CRUD was cooked, you can download the screencast at this URL (5Mb).

Detailed directions Detailed directions of how to prepare this CRUD can be downloaded at this URL.

Serves more than 10,000 people With this tasty RIA CRUD recipe you can feed more than 10,000 people. Tomcat 6.0 uses a non-blocking I/O, and apparently there are benchmarks showing that it can withstand as much as 16,000 concurrent connections (see this article for details ).

This recipe uses the beta version of Clear Data Builder (CDB). Originally, CDB was released as a command-line open source code generator called daoflex. It was submitted to Adobe Flex component exchange about two years ago and quickly became one of the most downloadable components. Its next incarnation was a commercial plugin CDB 1.1 for Flex 2 (see ). And the upcoming release of CDB 3.0 is a freely available Eclipse plugin, which is a yet another contribution of Farata Systems to Flex community.

The other free products that Farata Systems will release this Summer include:

– Fx2Ant 3.0 ndash; a generator of optimized Ant build scripts for your Flex projects

– Log4FX 3.0 ndash; an advanced log facility for Flex/Java projects

– DTO Creator ndash; a utility that can take any Java data transfer object (formerly value object) and

create an efficient and customizable matching ActionSript DTO

Stay tuned.


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