Putin goes, &”Linux!&” People respond, &”Yes, Sir!&”

Today Russian Prime Minister Putin ordered all federal workers and all governing structures to start moving to Linux and open source software . Someone has convinced Putin that using Linux and open source software saves money. On the long run it may, but for the next several years it “ll carry huge price tag. But this is the least of my concerns.

I really enjoy the fact that it “s up to the Prime Minister what Operational System to use. I guess, if Putin didn “t sign this degree, Russia would continue suffer from Microsoft slavery and oppression.

What would be the next logical move by Mr. Putin? I guess he should consider signing the bill dictating to use certain design patterns in software development. For example, every software developer must use Model-View-Controller. But since Russia doesn “t like mimicking western ways of doing things, MVC must be implemented in one tier. As a matter of fact, Mr. Putin is a great example of MVC in a single body. Software developers who won “t obey the MVC law, will be subject to mandatory Dependency Injection that will be administered in special medical facilities.

My only hope is that conversion of top country leaders into sysadmins is not contagious and President Obama won “t pick it up from them. Otherwise, I “ll have reformat my MacBook Pro and hire Russian hackers to install GNU/Linux there.


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