Will run a week of public Flex training in New York City

I “ll be running public Adobe Certified Flex 3 training class on June 2 ndash;6, 2008 in New York City.

Details at http://www.faratasystems.com/?page_id=46

It ‘s a small (about 10 people) hands-on class. You bring your own laptop and by the end of the class you ‘ll build and take home a fancy looking online store.

This training course is designed by Adobe and I ‘m using their original corseware that includes the following two courses:

Flex3: Developing Rich Client Applications (3days)

Below is a brief course outline. For more details, please see


Introducing Adobe Flex 3

Getting Started with Flex Builder 3

Learning Flex Fundamentals

Handling Events

Using Simple Controls

Laying Out an Application with Containers

Laying out an Application Using Constraint-Based Layout

Using View States for Application Design

Creating Application Navigation

Customizing the Application

Using MXML and ActionScript Data Models

Exchanging Data Between Components Using Custom Events

Retrieving XML Data with HTTPService

Displaying Data Using the DataGrid

Applying Design patterns

Flex 3 and Live Cycle Data Services: Integrating With Data and Messaging (2 Days)

Below is a brief course outline. For more details see


Accessing Web Services

Introduction to LiveCycle Data Services

Using Java Classes as Remote Object Services

Validating and Formatting Data

Manipulating Complex Data

Using the Flex Message Service

Using the Flex Data Management Service

Processing XML with E4X

Working with BlazeDS

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Hope to see you in the class.


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