The most moronic job interview question

The subject of job interviews always interests me. What people ask? How people answer?

Today, I ran into an article on Yahoo! where the author talks about how he asks the question “What are your weaknesses? rdquo; and what answers he expects.

The author admits that this is one of the toughest questions during a job interview. From my point of view, this is the most moronic question someone can ask. He starts, “There are times when I ask job candidates this question. It ‘s not that I want to nitpick or make people feel uncomfortable, but rather I want to see in which areas they feel they need to improve and what they are doing about it. rdquo;

Lie. This is exactly what you want. You love making people feel uncomfortable. If you are asking this question, you are a freaking sadist and belong to Gestapo. Just look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I enjoy humiliating people and treat them like dirt. I “m a loser and enjoy these moments when I can feel superior even if the interviewee is more intelligent than me. rdquo;

The author continues, “I recommend that job candidates be upfront during interviews. Don ‘t say you have “no weaknesses ” or “work too hard. ” Instead, tell hiring managers what you are working on improving and what you ‘ve done to build your skills in these areas. rdquo;

This moron is looking to hire an obedient robot that will accept the fact that the most important part of any job is to properly fill out the review form they send you twice a year, state your goals, and in six months prove that you are getting there. Otherwise your little boss will bite off a piece of that carrot called bonus.

If your potential hiring manager (not an HR person) asks you this question during the interview, just say, “I often get to excited about my job and stay after hours to finish the assignment. rdquo; This is a perfect bullshit answer for a bullshit question. But is s/he won “t be satisfied and will ask you to elaborate on this, be strong, stand up and leave. You don “t want to work for this moron even if s/he will hire you.

Can “t be strong because you didn “t read any technical book during the last five years? Then bend all the way to the ground, let them have fun listening to your mumblings about your weaknesses, accept the offer and live a miserable professional life that you deserve.


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