Visiting Israel. Part 3. Bat Yam.

Bat Yam means Daughter of the Sea. It “s a southern suburb of Tel Aviv. The housing sector here is old, but the beach area is pretty. Citizens of Bat Yam give credits for this to the current mayor.

During the celebration of the New Year I enjoyed the dinner, that included vodka and smoked pork with cabbage. Both of these are unusual for locals. Judaism forbids eating pork. But secular people do. Israel has very low alcohol consumption per capita. I realize that yesterday we screwed up the 2008 statistics for the country. Actually, people here celebrated 5769th New Year since they didn ‘t consider the birth of JC to be a serious enough reason to reset the counter.

I “ve been sharing my meal with two soldiers ndash; both are my nieces. The girl just started her 2 year term, and the boy is almost done with his three years. Serving in the Israeli army is mandatory, and is respected by all civil population. Kids are trying to get into prestigious divisions. Air Forces is considered to be elite, and it “s not easy to get in.

Three years ago, I was attending a wedding in a religious kibbutz. There were 300 guests at this wedding. Take a guess, how many bottles of wine did they purchase? The answer is two. The mother of the bride purchased a couple of bottles just for our table ndash; the foreigners. The rest of the guests got high without the need of any intake or inhale. Then, they started dancing. If there were some immoral Westerners, they could “ve gotten an impression that there were lots of gays and lesbians on the dance floor. Buy it “s a false impression ndash; orthodox Jewish men dance with men, and women with women.

Now let “s talk about womens periods. If a girl want to get married, she needs to go through a special ceremony before the wedding ndash; it “s called Mikveh. She immerses several times into a pool with water to become clean. Religious women should do it monthly. Say her periods lasts seven days. She “s dirty. A husband doesn “t touch her. The next seven days she spends checking daily that her periods are really over. She “s still dirty and the husband doesn “t touch her. Finally, she goes to this pool and she “s clean (yey!) . Most importantly, now she has no right to say that she had a long day, has a headache and other little lies to avoid performing her night duties.

So far I “ve learned that if you practice Judaism, you are guaranteed to have one day a week completely off and two weeks of wild sex with one exception (read below). Not bad at all. What do you say?

A groom came to a rabbi and asked,

“Rabbi, can I dance with my wife? ”

“No, our religion does not allow a man to dance with a woman rdquo;

“Rabbi, can I have sex with my wife, when I “m on top? rdquo;

“Yes, you can rdquo;

“Can we have sex when she “s on top?

“Yes rdquo;

“Can we have sex doggy style? rdquo;

rdquo;Sure, no problem rdquo;

“Rabbi, can we have sex when both of us are standing? rdquo;

“Nope. It can turn into a dance rdquo;

Till next blog hellip;


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