The death of and lessons learned

Two or three years ago, when RSS readers were not as common as today, some nice guys created a very convenient Web site called, which was an agregator of Java news and articles from major online magazines and other Java-relate sites. The interface was simple and clean, it was showing the article titles and the tooltips would show a short descriptions of the article as you moved the mouse pointers over the titles. It used to look like this . This site was saving me lots of time as I read daily many articles on Java and other software technologies. Ten days ago I went there just to find out some evil picture stating that the site has been hacked and some other text in Arabic, which I can ‘t read. Things happen, bad guys exist, and you just have to live with it.

Today I decided to revisit the site, and the hackers page is still there. As per some other sources, the hackers even contacted the javarss admin providing their emails and offered to let the site go asking for something in return. I ‘m not going to discuss here morale principles of the hackers – most likely they grew up in bad neighborhoods, were molested by their uncles, they are poor now and believe that filthy rich western pigs have to share. So the term morale is not applicable here. But the fact that a site is down for a couple of weeks tells me that the javarss folks are incapable of fixing it. It ‘s so easy to create a Web page these days as long as everything is kosher around you, but are you ready for the rainy days? In this particular case, the site was non-profit so no one is loosing money, but what if you want to create and host your small business Web site. How protected is it? Will you be able to survive these or other attacks? Can you make your monthly income dependent on a Web site that you host on your own? The answer is no freaking way. One incident like this, and not only your business of selling women ‘s lingerie is dead, but you also need to deal with lots of frustrated customers asking their money back. By the way, are you a geek that decided to write your own shopping cart application that knows how to charge customers credit cards? Sure you know Java, Ajax, have read about HTTPS, and can create a Web page where users will be able to enter their credit card numbers.

Do you want to do this? no-no-no-NO!

Leave it to the big guys like PayPal that know how to survive hacker ‘s attacks.

Running a Web business looks very appealing, but be careful – find a reputable host company and delegate the money handling routines to professionals. It ‘ll cost you more, but you ‘ll be able to sleep at night.



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