Want Joel Spolsky to buy you a beer? Keep reading

My favorite blogger Joel Spolsky by mistake referred the United Kingdom as England. Apparently he felt bad about it and not only publicly apologized, but also offered to buy you a pint of beer. Joel is buying on May 19 in Edinburgh (is this in England?). As a 100% geek, Joel set up a Wiki page so beer drinkers could sign up and discuss this event. His offer did not specifically require you to be an Englishman, so you should use this loophole to your advantage. Here ‘s what you should do:

1. Purchase a plane ticket to England/UK if you are not there

2. Get to the Edinburgh.

3. It does not matter where you are from, pretend that you get really mad when people refer the UK as England, and whoever did it must pay.

4. Enjoy the evening with Joel.

5. Forgive him and buy him a pint.


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