The first two Flex components go on sale: DaoFlex and Flex2Ant

Our first two components DaoFlex and Flex2Ant go on sale at Both of them are plugins and are geared toward turning Flex into a Rapid Application Development tool.

DaoFlex plugin 1.0 is a code Generator that takes an SQL Select statement and in less than a minute generates all artifacts for your Flex/Java application that needs to work with a database and perform Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) functionality.

Flex2Ant plugin instantly translates your existing Flex Projects into ANT build scripts, so that you can build your modules, libraries and applications outside of Eclipse and create larger integrated builds. What takes weeks on the middle-size project, now can be done in seconds by a click of a mouse. While generating the build script, we apply additional size-optimizing techniques that help to modularize development and cut the download time of enterprise Flex applications.

While development of the front-end for enterprise applications in Flex is faster than in Java, using DaoFlex and Flex2Ant is a step toward some serious reduction of time to market. Plugins were written using Java, XML and XSLT, but no knowledge of these languages is required. On the other hand, advanced users can customize XSLT templates to ensure that these plugins generate code or build scripts as per specific project needs. Check out the documentation and demos, play with the trial versions of these plugins at

Given the time savings these plugins will definitely bring to any commercial project, their prices are nominal: DaoFlex costs $499 USD per developer “s copy, and Flex2Ant costs $249.


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