On commuting, skyping and nationalities

I ‘m sitting on the bus commuting to New York. My laptop is on my laps (this is what laptops are for), and I ‘m online. Some Asian young lady sleeps next to me. Just a typical morning. Well, having a young sleeping lady next to you is a perfect morning but not a typical one. Sometimes I get a large male who ‘s awake. Got a text message on Skype from a guy from Europe. Can we talk? I ‘m responding, “No problem, because I ‘m next to a sleeping lady, let me put on my headphones with a mike. ” But I caught myself thinking that I wanted to write “…I ‘m next to a sleeping Asian lady “. Why? It was absolutely irrelevant for our conversation that she ‘s Asian. Why did I even want to mention this? I do not know.

I often hear something like, “There was this black guy… ” and then the conversation goes about something that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that that guy was black. Why do we do this? Just for the lack of better description of the person? Is mentioning a race falls into the same category as, say how tall the person is or what s/he wears? I do not know. It is what it is. ..

We spent ten minutes discussing our business. The lady did not wake up. Skype rules.


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