The eve of JavaOne 2007

Writing about JavaOne conference without actually being there is like having phone sex. This year I “m not going there for a simple reason ndash; I can “t leave my current project for a week, even though I “ve been offered a free pass. But since JavaOne is the most important event for any Java programmer/architect/bystander/author/wannabe, I “ll be reading the blogs of attendees, watching the keynote videos and official announcements from Sun Microsystems.

I “m looking forward to some serious news regarding innovations in Java, and in particular in the area of rich Web clients. When a man does not use an organ for a while, this organ becomes non-functional. The same holds true with programming languages. Java community uses its server side organs pretty actively, while the RIA part is a bit paralyzed. I “m looking forward to one of the major announcements in this area.

I “d also love to see a breakthrough in JVM utilization. JVM is an excellent piece of machinery that “s not used to its fullest potential. Imagine, if Germany would allow only trucks on their auto bans. No small cars. This is exactly what “s happening with JVM today. It allows you to run Java only. I “d love to see smaller vehicles there as well, if you know what I mean.

Last year, I was lucky enough to be in San Francisco in person and even presented at the BOF of Java Champions. These are my last year JavaOne-related blogs:

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I an in San Francisco

JavaOne notes: registration

San Francisco is invaded with orange backpacks

JavaOne partying

How to present your software at conferences

On Monday, May 7 you can start with some of the pre-conference events listed at CommunityOne .

Next week, I “m planning to write a JavaOne blogs daily, but as the old saying goes, if you mant to make God laugh, tell him/her about your plans. Anyway, I “ll do my best.


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