ClearBI Web reporter for Flex/Java applications goes to public beta

An Eclipse plugin version of Web reporter ClearBI (a.k.a. FlexBI) is available for public Beta testing. ClearBI is a business intelligence engine that allows software developers automate report generation process, and end users can customize reports (grouping, filtering, export to Microsoft Excel et al.) in Flash Player.

Other than Flash Player, ClearBI does not require any additional software install on the client side. At the time of this writing, ClearBI is the only professional reporting solution on the market of rich Internet applications developed using Adobe Flex and Java.

ClearBI is available in two versions: ClearBI Plugin and ClearBI End-User:

bull; ClearBI Plugin allows a software developer create and customize a new report in Eclipse IDE. This report can be integrated into any Flex application by including an extra MXML and recompiling the main application. The end users will be able to work with the report (sorting, filtering, grouping, export to Microsoft Excel, et al.), but won “t be able to save this customized report.

bull; ClearBI End-User has all the functionality of the plugin version, and it also allows the end users create reports from the universe of the data fields without need to install any software other than Flash Player. The end users can create, customize and save reports in the centralized database server without any help from the IT department.

You can download the beta version of ClearBI plugin at Create an account and request the trial license for ClearBI. Download the ClearBI User Guide that contains installation instructions. We are actively working on the User Guide and will upload the newer version of this doc every other day.

ClearBI plugin comes with Clear Data Builder (a.k.a. DaoFlex), and you ‘ll need to download its User Guide as well.

Please send all the comments or bug reports at info at .We really appreciate your input.


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