Hackers are cowards and terrorists

Last month, Estonia dismantled the monument to a Soviet soldier-liberator . Russia plays an offended party saying that they liberated tiny Estonia from German Nazis-invaders. The problem is that Estonia believes that Russia is also an invader that that forced them to be one of the republics of the USSR. Virgin Putin condemns this act . The mayor of Moscow, Saint Luzhkov demands the boycott of Estonia. Somehow they “ve forgotten that monument removal in Russia itself became as simple as taking a leak. After destroying thousands of churches, they turned around and rebuilt them and removed thousands of monuments to their own leaders.

But this does not bother me as much as the news that Russian hackers commited 128 cyber attacks against Estonia government Web sites, banking, and other computer systems. I “m sure that Russian population supports these coward hackers feeling proud that their country produces these terrorists. Yes, they are terrorists that are trying to satisfy their ego by helping their motherland to punish infidels. Recently their colleagues, some criminals from an Arab country has destroyed an innocent Web site javarss.com . They strike weak and unprepared Web sites and this makes them as bad as any terrorists that kill kids in a shopping mall. I ‘m waiting till a new breed of suicide hackers will appear in the cyber space: destroy a Web site and kill yourself.

Russia broadcasted images of young people protesting against the monument removal, but they “d never publish a comment stating that at least half of these young adults are not even sure why they should be that angry and condemn Estonia.

Russia, the country of hypocrites is seriously fucked up.


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