Ill be participating in live webcast from Time Square

Sys-Con.TV has invited me to participate in the live TV broadcast “RIA Shootout “. This panel will discuss variety of tools and techniques available for developing rich Internet applications. If you are not sure if RIA is for you or what software platform is the best fit for your needs, this panel may give you an overview of what ‘s available today. At the end of the show, we ‘ll be answering questions from the virtual audience, but if you miss the live show, its recorded version will be published at some time later.

I ‘ve been to this studio before – it ‘s the most professional TV place I ‘ve been so far. You can see a little behind-the-sceens video from one of our previous events (I wonder where Jeremy got this yellow tie). The studio is located in TIme Square (Manhattan) right across the place where ABC shoots its “Good morning America “. David Letterman ‘s place is located several blocks from there.

Today, I have a little pimple on my left cheek, but you won ‘t see it tomorrow, because my face will be prepped by a makeup girl right before the broadcast. But this will my only little lie in tomorrow ‘s show. As to the rest, I ‘ll be speaking openly and freely delivering my opinion on RIA (if you care) as of June 4, 2007 1PM EST.

This is a free event and you can register at .


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