Carcast #1 – Tools for development of rich Internet applications

This is my first attempt to podcast. I did this recording while driving the car. After riding a bus for several years, I ‘ll have to drive the car to my current client for a while. To minimize waste of time I ‘ve been listening to other people ‘s podcasts for a while, and now I decided to record my own. If you hear a clicking sound somewhere on the background, this means that I ‘m either changing lanes or making turns.

The first podcast is about your software choices for developing rich Internet applications. These are some relevant links:

RIA: State of the Union

RAD components for Flex/Java development

If this podcast will be well received, I ‘ll continue recordings and will consider recording my conversations with other people who have/want something to say on enterprise software related subjects.

Here ‘s the MP3 file of the podcast (it ‘s about 30Mb and 30 min long). Any feedback is greatly appreciated, especially if it made your commute a little better.


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