MySpace, FaceBook and the like, can hurt your kids in the future

Go to and search on “smoking pot ” or something stronger. You’ll find the messages of young (and not so young) people who are trying to be cool and write about how they like smoking pot or chilling out with marijuana, which may not even be true. Forget for a second about the bad effects that smoking pot has on your kids. Most of the kids will get over it and won’t do it in their adult lives. But guess what, the record in MySpace remains forever.

These days, when I’m about to meet a new person on business, or hire a new employee, I go to google first trying to gather some “intelligence” on this person. I often find some non-business related info about people I ‘m searching on. In some cases it simplifies hiring decisions, and sometimes it’s good to know what’s this person into after business hours.

The sites like is one of the popular places where our kids hang out. And they want to be cool. And they want to impress. And they publish some stupid things about how they spent their time – real or imaginary things. But the record remains. Now, your daughter is looking for a roommate in college, “Mom, there’s this girl Mary Lou…She’s really nice and we’ve decided to share an apartment”. Mom goes to myspace, does a quick search on Mary Lou from Springfield, MA and answers: “Over my dead body “. Mary Lou might be a nice girl and published that marijuana blog just for kicks. Too late. Over my dead boy.

Then Mary Lou is applying for a job. Her perspective employer goes to – over my dead body.

Got the message? Send this blog over to your child, if you know his/her email.


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