Free giveaways at the RealWorld Java seminar

This Monday, I “ll be presenting at the RealWorld Java seminar in New York City. I “ll be showing some applications demonstrating how Adobe Flex and Java can be easily integrated and complementing each other. After the presentation I “ll be giving away three free licenses of our Flex Productivity Pack that includes the following Eclipse plugins: Clear Data Builder, Fx2Ant, Fx2Doc and Log4Fx ($846 value each, see product descriptions below or visit for more details).

Clear Data Builder ndash; this Eclipse plugin is a commercial version of an open source DaoFlex code generator. It takes away complexity of writing Java code for communication with relational databases. All Java and Flex artifacts are created automatically based on your SQL Select statement, including creation and deployment of the Flex FDS Web Application. You do not have to know Java to create end-to-end Flex-Java-Database CRUD application in minutes.

Fx2Ant ndash; this Eclipse plugin instantly translates the settings of your existing Flex Projects into ANT build scripts, so that you can build your modules, libraries and applications outside of Eclipse and create larger builds integrated with J2EE projects. What takes weeks on even a mid-size project, can be done in seconds with Fx2Ant. While generating the build script, Fx2Ant applies additional size-optimizing echniques that help to modularize development and cut the download time of enterprise Flex applications.

Fx2Doc ndash;this plugin allows you quickly build and organize the documentation for your project. You can upload your documentation to the corporate or the community server, so that it becomes shared by other developers.

Log4Fx ndash; this component provides a number of configurable implementations of log targets and an interactive control panel. You can target your log information to Eclipse IDE, local or remote server and other destinations.

We “ll also run a full day Flex bootcamp there and our company (Farata Systems) will have a table in the vendor “s area. Stop by if you “d like to learn more about how to start your next Flex/Java project from the right foot.


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