Carcast #8: Beer, Flex and Shakira

The audio of the carcast #8 can be downloaded from here (17Mb).

1. I “ve started a new users group on RIA in New York at NYSIA

The first meeting will take place on Oct 9:

2. Flex Developers in London have created a Flex User Group.The agenda is not clear other than who “s buying…

3. This is what I call cool – UBS Trading Floor

4. I wish I did not understand English hellip;

I like the way Shakira looks and performs , but the lyrics hellip;

I love you for free and I ‘m not your mother

But you don ‘t even bother hellip;

Next to her cheap silicon I look minimal

That ‘s why in front of your eyes I ‘m invisible

But you gotta know small things also count hellip;

5. Last week I “ve purchased an interesting called Founders at Work. A couple of sample chapters are available online

6. Yakov, stop whining about morning commute. Some of your fellow programmers would love to switch with you

7. My latest gadgets for improving the quality of commute:

a) The FM transmitter for the car: RocketFM

b) Tripp Lite Power inverter


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