Heading to Virginia – teaching a class at EclipseWorld 2007

If you are attending EclipseWorld 2007 conference next week, I ‘d like to invite you to attend my class called “Rapid Application Development of Rich Internet Applications With Eclipse Plugins “.

Eclipse can help tremendously in development of rich Internet applications mdash;especially if you have the right plugins. In the first part of this two-and-a-half hour class we “ll discuss modern techniques and technologies used for development of rich Internet clients. You ‘ll learn how to create a new front end for your JSP or POJO-based server side applications using Eclipse-based Flex Builder.

In Part 2, we “ll work through a live scenario, using several Eclipse plugins to create a rich create-read-update-delete application, where the front end will run in Flash Player, while the back end will use Java to work with the database. All artifacts (Java, XML, ActionScript and more) will be automatically generated, deployed and tested by the Clear Data Builder plug-in. In less than an hour, we “ll develop a typical CRUD business application with rich Web reporting integrated with Java EE and database tiers. Several Eclipse plugins used for reporting, logging, deployment automation and documentation will be included in this application.

Hope to see you in Reston, VA on Wednesday.

If you can ‘t make it to VA, but would like to get a fundamental Flex training and a bunch of productivity plugins, I ‘ll be running a week of Adobe Certified training in New York City right after Thanksgiving.

Can ‘t take time off work and want a cost-effective solution? Enroll into our weekend class in December. We run a holiday special deal in New Jersey.


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