Is there a broadband Internet better than Verizon?

Well, I “m losing my passion after about six months of poor service. No, the customer service representative are very polite, but helpless. And the statement that Verizon has 98% coverage of the USA is a joke (I “m still trying to be politically correct).

Connection is very slow, but if I “m lucky to get connection, I “ll be losing it 10 times a day, North Jesrsey and a large area in Pensilvania have lots of dead spots ndash; I see two green bars, but either can “t connect or get 10Kbps. Currently, I “m seeing four bars connection getting the download speed of 300kbps and upload speed of 4 kbps(!?) speed.

Verizon “s connectivity software (VZAccess Manager) often hangs and I need to reboot the computer to reconnect. I “ve seen the same behavior on Vista and on Windows XP as well.

At this point, I “m ready to pay my $175 cancellation fees and sign up with a different service provider, but if there is better wireless provider of so-called broadband Internet access in the greater New York area. I “d appreciate the feedback of people who have are traveling and use the broadband access in this area. You can test your actual connection speed at .


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