Adobe goes .edu

Adobe has launched a new Web site: Education Developers Center. This new site should become a one stop shopping point for college professors, full or part-time students, and everyone who is studying or teaching Adobe Flex, AIR and related products.

First, there is a registration link where students and faculty can get their free copy of Flex Builder.

Second, it provides links to various Flex tutorials that will make your immersion into flex as smooth as possible.

Third, it has a motivational article of yours truly, which was written by myself while being in a good mental health. The article was written for free and under no pressure of any kind or form. Why? Because while Flex still has a room for improvement, today it has no competition in the market of rich Internet application development tools. If the balance on this market will change one way or the other, I ‘ll be the first one to admit it. But as of November of 2007 I suggest you to start getting your hands dirty with Flex.

Now students have no excuses like “We do not have money for beer. Ain ‘t gonna buy no Flex Builder “. Now you can have both: the beer (I recommend Leffe Blonde) and Flex Builder. Drink and program responsibly.

Disclaimer for professors. It ‘s not either Flex or Java. It ‘s Flex in addition to Java.

If you ‘d like to speed up your immersion into Flex, you may consider enrolling into Adobe certified public training class that I ‘ll be teaching in New York City on the week of November 25. Students and faculty will get 40% off the tuition.

Your truly (this time wearing a hat of adjunct professor at NYU)

Yakov Fain


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