America with its balls cut off

When I was planning my immigration to America, I was positive that this country is different from any other country in the world. This country was lucky to set the right experimental society more than two hundred years ago, and people managed to keep this experiment going, more or less, for all these years. Private property, freedom of speech, live and let live, work more and live better, people do not have be equally poor as in communist regimes, but are allowed to be differently rich, a small guy can carry a gun to simplify relations between people.

But now, I can see how this country “s lives under one rule ndash; just be politically correct. People are very cautious in what they say. They are afraid to speak up.

In the corporate environment, if you see a nice looking co-worker, you “d better behave. If you have to look at her, do it as if you look at a piece of furniture. Otherwise you may be accused of sexual harassment. During orientation days for the newly hired some firms show preventive videos illustrating what can be treated as a sexual harassment. Tell your colleague that you like his tie or her dress and you are screwed. Here “s another scenario from one of these instructional videos. Two guys are eating in the company “s cafeteria. A lady in a short skirt bends down to pick up her candies from a vending machine revealing her underwear. These poor men reflectively turn their heads to look at her legs, and she files a sexual harassment law suit.

What the fuck is this? Actually, to be politically correct, I should have written WTF.

The main goal of medical doctors is to protect themselves from potential law suits from her patients. If you “ll get into an emergency room in a hospital alive but with a bullet in your head, they will put you through a hundred of tests before removing the bullet just to make sure that you won “t sue them for malpractice. Talking about protective medicine hellip; When you get your diagnosis at the doctor ‘s office, do you think of the need of a second opinion? Do you trust you doctor? Do you trust your priest or rabbi?

In America, I “ve learned that if your car got hit from behind by another car, it “s a good thing. It makes your lawyers happy. It does not matter that your car did not even get any scratches ndash; the accident stressed you out, and now you can “t have normal sex with your wife. Smell money?

Divorce in America almost always means fight where the lawyers get richer and husbands get poorer. And interestingly enough, I would not blame layers, who are just the instruments in peoples ‘ hands. It “s people vs. people, not lawyers vs. people. The country has about 800 thousand lawyers, and their unemployment rate is under one percent.

Generations of people are collecting welfare and do not even plan to work. In other words, the government pays people for not even thinking of going to work.

When I was coming to America, I knew that people make multi-million deals just by shaking hands. Maybe some people still do, but in vast majority of deals, you ‘d better read the fine print in your contract.

You are not allowed to use the “N ” word if you are “W rdquo;. But if you are black , you can scream and shout this word off the stage and make money by releasing musical CDs or selling out stand up comedy shows. Can ‘t critique there…it ‘s a culture of minorities and we are for diversity.

When the President of the United States of America delivers his state of the union address, the audience gives him standing ovations two-three dozen times. I “ve seen exactly the same show thirty years ago while living in the Soviet Union and watching speeches of one and only Leonid Brezhnev.

Here “s one more. We are approaching the Christmas season. Oops hellip; What did I say hellip;How dare I hellip;It “s a Holiday season! You have to be political correct, otherwise you may offend someone who is not Christian. The country with about 80% of Christian population is ashamed of wishing Merry Christmas. Just go shopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the sales clerk will politely say to you, “Happy Holidays! rdquo; Yeah, right. For retailers, the “Holiday season ” is as important as Oscars for Hollywood. I have a question to retailers, “Is this season important to you because people are buying Hanukkah presents for their kids? ” No? So call it Christmas season for crying out loud. BTW, I ‘m Jewish. I ‘m wondering, when someone will come up with lyrics to replace the words “Santa Claus is coming to town rdquo; with something more neutral.

So to compensate for the castrated way of life inside the country, we watch superman movies, and invade other countries for no reason. Did we scare anyone? This is not the right war and this is not a result. Fifteen out of nineteen of 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, hence let “s destroy… Iraq. Or take this anti-terrorist campaign. FBI has created a terrorist watch list that includes more than 750 thousand people (!?). A mother of a six-year old kid is being told in the airport that her son “s name was found in this terrorist list . They force you to take your shoes off in the airports. How about protecting people in shopping malls, trains and buses?

Traditionally, America was THE country with the largest number of free people with balls. It still is, but this number is substantially less today than it was even fifteen years ago, let alone fifty. I love America, and want it to be smarter and better. But let me tell you, it “s getting a little boring living in a country where every other person is eunuch.


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