Yet another article is stolen

It happens again and again… First one guy from India published a number of myJava articles on his Web site without even mentioning my name. I blogged about it and the guy apologized and removed the content from his Web site.

Here ‘s a fresh one, please welcome, Mr. Sridhar Raparthi. Here ‘s my article published under my name here , there and right there . And this is Mr. Rapati ‘s version in his blog called In Search of Soul. I know for sure that this search won ‘t be tha fastest one. This poor soul has forgotten to put my name there…

In his “About Me ” section Sridar introduces himself as follows: “i am basically a bit roaming guy, a bit of anger, a bit of sympathy to humanity…. ”

He just need to add there “and a bit of a thief…well, just a little bit “.


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