Sunday with the lights out in Dallas

On Saturday, I ran the first day of our public seminar “Weekend with Flex Experts ” in New Jersey, and on Sunday morning I “ve arrived to our private client in Dallas, Texas to run custom Flex training . Ten minutes after I started, the entire building lost the power. I “ve got juice in my vaio laptop for 30 minutes. My students were using MacBook Pros, and they “ve happily announced that their batteries should run for about four hours.

I ‘ve started the training using the paper copy of the courseware. The batteries started dying one after another, and during the next two hours I “ve been running a “hands-on rdquo; training, helping myself by waiving hands and using body language to impersonate development of rich Internet applications with Flex. I felt like a singer who had to sing at a stadium without a mike. When we “ve got the power, I did not need it really. The audience was great and we “ve had a pretty good understanding regarding best practices of software development. Someone has suggested beer a couple of times hellip;

On Monday morning I was back at the client “s site, and ten minutes after, the bulb in the projector died. Nobody was surprised at all. A large second monitor let me finish the job.

Morale of this story: when it rains it pours, so?


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