Announcing a series of Weekend with Flex Experts seminars

Last weekend our company have conducted a two-day public training on Adobe Flex in Edison, New Jersey. The room was packed and we “ve received a really nice feedback from many attendees. Inspired by a success of this training, we “ve decided to repeat it in several cities across the USA.

This is how it works: we inject a solution of basic Adobe Flex techniques, design patterns, custom components and examples from the real-world projects. The procedure lasts 2×7 hours, the price of this weekend injection is $399 USD, which is cheaper than Botox and effect stays longer. You do not have to take the time off at your current project, and will have a chance to immerse into this hot technology on the go.

We are planning to run one such event a month and these are the first cities on our list are: Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and Philly. If you believe that there might be an interest to such event in other cities, we “ll gladly consider your suggestions.


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