A Poem About Java

This poem is written by Vadim Rabovsky, a Java developer from Rochester, NY

Advanced topics of object oriented programming.

Presenting the world as a random collection

Of objects is dubious. Far from perfection,

It hardly can pass for a decent expression

Of our senses. (With equal passion

We could be designing a storing procedure

For local morgues.) The essential feature

Of any good system of views, is consensus ndash;

Of rational thought and the deepest of senses ndash;

What “s called intuition. But let “s take a glance at

This seemingly faceless and meaningless concept.

An object in short, is a representation

Of any one thing, (or, in fact, combination

Of things). And despite what the instincts would tell you,

An object can (painfully) have no value,

Thus taking some space to declare an instance

Of nothing that can justify its existence.

The objects are pointers, or space holders, whether

With values or not. And declared together,

They form an array. Take for instance some foxes,

Some household cats and some broken boxes,

Some empty containers and yesterday “s flyers,

Some evil intentions and noble desires,

The solar systems, the planets, the Buddhas –

And add to the pile. An array can be viewed as

A sequence of objects, or simply ideas

Of things ndash; some are pointless, some pointing to trios,

Quartets, even n-tets of others (Beware,

Those others can very well point nowhere,

Which hints that a Thing is related to Nothing

The same way the turkey relates to the stuffing).

This could be a starter. This kind of array,

Expanding language, let “s call “disarray rdquo;.

An infinite size disarray, representing

The Universe. Does it achieve what was meant in

The context? Not quite. It needs something to bind it,

A meaningful purpose, or feeling, behind it.

Religion? Could be, although God doesn “t give us

Too many good answers (forget the believers).

So here we stand: universe in disorder

(Which is, strictly speaking, a different order

unknown to us), and to balance the reason,

The absolute Love (or the absolute Treason,

If seen from a different angle). That Love,

Applied to the order, declared above,

Will give us a picture of almost ideal

Precision – the world, that (let “s call it sub-real)

Is still just a part of the whole ndash; it “s the given.

Add our view of the world, that we live in,

And (this is the point, justifying the project)

It brings us to what we, defying the logic,

Have always been looking for (think of Tomorrow):

The ultimate joy (or the ultimate sorrow),

The unification of us with essence

Of all that exists (or the absolute Absence).

But there is one thing that can cause us to toddle:

Unwittingly, we, by creating the model,

Are changing the source (or the world, which within it

Has now the model itself). It “s the limit

Of logic, that jeopardizes the mission.

The programmers call it a racing condition:

Imagine a person in front of one mirror,

While holding another hellip; the imminent fear

In face of the endless array of reflections,

The open door to infinity. Actions

Like this can effectively lead to a tumor

In sensitive brains. Let “s resort to some humor,

And follow the syntax, as well as the ethics,

Of programming languages (See the appendix).


(To be continued)


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