Enterprise Software Without the BS

Here comes the new little e-book (PDF). It’s called “Enterprise Software without the BS “. This one is not technical, but covers such topics as writing resumes, looking for a job, working as an employee or a consultant, your salary/rate, political stuff, outsourcing, and more. This e-book is available as a free download.

Hope you ‘ll like it.


3 thoughts on “Enterprise Software Without the BS

  1. Just started reading . Interesting, funny and useful ! . There was a tiny chance i would’ve landed from India for 1st time to same area in US, because of purely personal reasons . So the job search part was insightful , from horses mouth. Thanks. Once i finish book i would’ve much more comments, couldnt wait …
    – (Indian Java programmer from Bangalore)

  2. Спасибо, очень жизненая книга, прочитал на одном дыхании.
    Имея не большой опыт работы в IT сфере было очень интересно взглянуть на происходящее другими глазами.

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