Obama, Clinton, McCain

OK, yesterday Obama and Clinton met, and of course, their main goal is to unite the democratic party. As if during the last 16 months each of them did not hope that the other person would get hit by a truck. Some people even think that Obama will offer her to be a VP. If he will do so, it “ll be yet another proof that he has no clue about the politics. Let “s not even worry about her qualities as a politician. Do not forget about her closes relative ndash; Bill.

Bill Clinton is a lot better politician and a lot more charismatic man than Obama, and having Bill in the White House day in and day out would put Obama at a disadvantage.

In software development, an ideal team is the one where everyone else is stronger than you, so you get a chance to learn and improve your skills. I wonder if this principle holds true if you are the president of the USA? Do you want to have around people smarter than you?

And Obama is thrilled and honored over Clinton support . Yeah, right!

I “ll be voting for McCain, anyway. Not that I “m too excited about him, but

a) I do not share democratic ways of “making our lives better rdquo;

b) I respect the country and the man who was a Vietnam prisoner of war but was able to make it all the way to the top. To put it in perspective, most of the Soviet POW of World War II were sent straight to Siberian camp as traitors.

Let “s see what happens.


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