Got off the bus early – this week I ‘m teaching a class. Natasha called me (she was still driving on route 18), “Should I buy something for dinner? ” But I recalled that we ‘ve purchased some lamb chops from New Zeeland a couple of day ago and said that I ‘d grill them.

You can not spoil lamb chops unless you keep it on the grill more than 10 min, which I did not. Lambs is probably the healthier meat that you can eat – they do not eat junk. Natasha made fresh salad. Our son likes Silvia ‘s sauce, but we had balsamic vinegar glaze. David said, “Mom, please don ‘t add too much lemon to the salad next time “. For dinner, we usually drink inexpensive red wine from Napa Valley (Beringer Merlot for $8.99 a bottle).

Then I wanted some desert. Back to the fridge. We had strawberry and leftovers of Mascarpone chess from Italy and Clotted Cream from England. Who cares that Mascarpone has 34mg of cholesterol and the British cream has 45Mg. You take a strawberry even though American strawberry sucks, and put a little bit of cream on top and slowly eat. I mean s-l-o-w-l-y!. It was so good that I ‘ve decided to blog about it right away.

When I ‘ll finish blogging, I ‘ll get some vanilla ice cream with cherry jam (never buy fat free ice cream).

And guess what, this dinner is less expensive than your Chinese that you order twice a week.

I have not been to Paris for two year. Need to go there. Badly.


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