Its better than Sex and the City

Keynotes are often boring, but watching today “s keynote from WWDC conference was better than the movie “Sex and the City rdquo; that I “ve enjoyed last week in the theater near me. I do not want to repeat the facts about iPhone 3G. I “ll buy a couple of them this summer. I do not want to bore you with the facts about the countless possibilities that open iPhone SDK brings to the table. Just watch the keynote.

While we “ve been writing articles comparing RIA technologies, Steve Jobs locked the iPhone team in the underground bunker, they “ve been working hard and delivered. Big time.

During the last fifteen years, excitement in the software development was slowly moving from Microsoft to Sun Microsystems, then to Google and now it has arrived to the new destination ndash; Apple “s iPhone.

People will enjoy developing applications for iPhone, and this device will spread around the world at the speed of sound. Sure thing, Japan has some super phones, but people there use not more than 5-10% of their abilities. Sure thing, Java ME has to solve a lot more complicated task of offering tools for developers dealing with hundreds of different phones, while Apple has a luxury to have just one phone device, just one OS, and they are the same. Who cares? If this phone is the best and the OS is great too, why bother looking somewhere else?

We are talking about advantages of the RIA platform that use Flash Player as a runtime, but if Adobe won “t find a way to put the player on iPhone, they “ll lose lots and lots of customers. Of course, just having open iPhone SDK is not enough for porting Flash Player to iPhone, but there should be a way to find the key to Steve “s heart. Sun Microsystems should dig in the same direction.

Enough said, just get some popcorn and watch the Apple “s keynote at .


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