Ill vote for McCain regardless of what he said about Putin

This presidential campaign does not shine. Obama keeps repeating “We need change. We ‘ll do it differently “. To make any change, you need cash. Obama does not have it. Who does? We do. Rich people. We should be taxed more heavily. Who ‘s rich? Mary and John live in Brooklyn, NY. She ‘s a QA specialist making $70K a year (before taxes) and he makes $85K. This couple is rich. Or it seems so for Mr. Obama. They should be taxed more. You have to share with people who are less fortunate and prefer making kids and sitting on welfare to studying and working hard.

So when Obama states “I ‘ll give you this or I ‘ll give you that ” he actually means that Mary and John will give you this and that.

I ‘ll vote for McCain not because he ‘s a star, but because he ‘s a republican. They also raise taxes, but they do not consider this being the only source of money.

I ‘ll vote for McCain even though he believes that Putin is the President of Germany. I ‘ll vote because I do not want Obama in the White House.

Yesterday, CNN quoted McCain saying that “unemployment at 5.5% and gasoline for $4 a gallon would be such good economic news in France that they would be dancing in the streets “. You may not like this statement, but it shows that McCain is a down to Earth person and will not think of the USA as being somewhere up in the sky while everyone else is down below. The difference in prices between us and Europe becomes smaller. Just get used to $4-$6 bucks a gallon. Do you have to drive this half mile for the grocery store? Do you have to move 2000 pound car to get 10 pounds worth of food? Talk to your boss and see if you can work two days from home. Find carpool. Do you have to drive this seven-seater SUV to work sitting there alone? Learn from Indians – they ‘d load it with a least 20 people . Oh, yeah, you bought it to carry stuff from Home Depot. When was the last time you ‘ve been there buying 2×4 ‘s?

Five bucks a gallon is OK. Just get used to it as you got used to paying $8 for a pack of Marlboro.It ‘s your call now – a pack of cigarettes or two gallons in in the car. Not ready to quit smoking? So sit down and shut up.

I ‘m still wondering, may be McCain knows something that we don ‘t? May be Putin secretly rules in Germany?


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