Stay positive, read WSJ!

My new pet is Wall Street Journal. Yep, I subscribed to this newspaper. Your first reaction is “Yakov decided to play stock market rdquo;? Wrong. I “ve been through THAT craze eight years ago when everyone was a day trader. I was even studying technical analysis and wrote some formulas.

I paid my price, and during the last seven years I “m not interested in stock market. If I have a couple of extra bucks, I purchase some Index fund or a CD. Return is not too impressive, but at least I stay on the positive territory and really don “t care. The stock market is in the toilet, that “s fine. It “ll go up again. This is America.

For the last couple of years a friend of mine was telling me interesting stories he read in WSJ. These stories had nothing to do with finances. They were just well researched articles about life and people.

A month ago I “ve subscribed to WSJ online and paper editions and I don “t regret it a bid. The section with the stock market data goes to garbage right away, and then I skim through the rest of the paper. I always find there something worth reading.

Yesterday, they had an article with advices to people who have to sell their houses in this shitty market. I “m not selling mine, but I love the way it started “So you say you ‘re selling your house? Hey, it could be worse. You could be selling a Hummer. ”

Not too many words, but it carries loads of information. And most importantly, this is an excellent example of how to remain optimistic even when you find yourself in a really bad situation. Expect no less from America.

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend who lives in Israel. He was worried, “We hear all the time that the USA is in deep crisis now, is it so? rdquo; It would be less funny if he “d be living in France, GB or Italy hellip; I told him that Israel can rest assured that America is doing fine now and will be even better in the future. It “s always up and down, but the amplitude is reasonable.

Most of the countries in the world would love to have such “bad rdquo; economy as we are experiencing now. All this noise about high gasoline prices will calm down soon. People will get used to it. Europe, India and even in Russia run on such expensive fuel for years and they got used to it.

Americans will adjust their driving habits too. We used to live in a development where all mailboxes were located in a central place, which could be as far as 300 feet away. Some people would start the car and drive to get the mail. OK, now they “ll walk.

So let “s stay positive. Don “t worry, be happy!


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