Our Mercedes Benz project went live and looks cool!

I “m happy to spread the news ndash; mbusa.com is live! It looks gorgeous, and I “m very proud to be a part of the team that was working on this project (Farata Systems was leading this project on the Flex side). This is Flex 3 application, and we had to be very creative to make sure that this it doesn “t feel heavy even though it had about two hundred views and dozens of megabytes of beautiful graphics.

As much as I ‘m trying not to get too attached to any software, I feel proud that we were a part of the team that was able to create this work of art. There is a couple of bugs here and there, there are some other improvements to be made, but overall, it “s a work of art.

This blog is not an official press release, and we hope to write with MBUSA folks joint whitepaper explaining technical details of this large-scale consumer facing Flex application. My big thanks to all members of MBUSA team that worked on this project. Special thanks to Farata “s own great software developer Valery Silaev! It was a top notch performance!

For me, it was a very interesting experience, because I joined this project right after completing another one (Flex, LCDS, and Java) for a foreign exchange trading company. That was absolutely different Flex. That project had a trader “s screen and a couple of others, no shiny automobiles or videos. But the main challenge there was to enhance Flex communication protocols to improve reliability in message delivery and add quality of service information to packets travelling along the RTMP channels. On this project I was working with our own Mr. Anatole Tartakovsky who was simply unstoppable. And Flex proved to be well designed, and allowed us to bend it a little bit to accommodate the needs of this application.

After completing a number of different enterprise-grade projects, I can attest that Flex framework is a great product for wide variety of rich Internet applications.


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