Combined Flex and Java training

Typically, when you are looking for a job as a Flex developer, knowing just Flex is not enough. A quick search using keywords Flex Java on returns more than 450 jobs. What if you are not familiar with any of these programming environments? What if you are a Web designer planning to better understand what “s happening after the user clicks on that button? If you are a development manager who needs to manage a team of Java and Flex developers, it “s good to better understand their lingo too.

We “ve designed a five-day training class that will fill this gap in your skill set. The first two days is an into to Java and basics of creating of Java Web applications. The next three days is about learning Flex and how to make it communicating with Java on the server side.

I “ll be teaching this public training in Edison, NJ on the first week of September (details at )

If you “d like to have this training delivered in your organization, please get in touch with me via email: yfain at

If you are interested in just Flex training, check the current schedule of classes at th eleft sidebar at .


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