Inventions and PR

Inventors invent things. What a revelation! But the thing is that often they invent things just for the sake of inventing things. Take a look at this mini motel for travelers that got stranded and have to sleep in the airport or other transportation terminals.

Visualize yourself packing for a long awaited vacation. What are the chances that you ‘ll have to spend a night in the airport? Close to zero. Even if there is a chance….how many people are willing to include yet another 5 pounds to their luggage just in case to be prepared for this unlikely situation? Close to zero. I ‘m sure, there are freaks that are ready for any disaster and turned their homes into depots with supplies that will let them survive for several months without the need to leave their homes. These are kinds of people who might consider buying this mini motel. How many people have such mentality? Close to zero.

Is this invention useless? No, it just needs the proper PR and marketing. In my opinion, this can be a useful gadget for homeless who need to prepare a place for a sleep on a daily basis in the most unusual places. There are more than 30 thousand homeless in the New York City alone. I ‘ve seen lots and lots of young homeless in Toronto, Canada…If this would be my invention, I ‘d contact homeless shelters authorities trying to sell this device to them.

Agents 007 or some military divisions like marines may find the use for such a motel too. The governments s may use this thingy in case of disasters…

If you are planning to create a product, imagine that you already have it. Yes it ‘s already standing in flesh in your apartment, garage, basement, or in case of software, if ‘s uploaded to a server… Now what? How are you going to make people know about it? Do you have money from a PR campaign? How are you going to sell it? To whom?

Try to answer these questions before starting working on a product – you might save yourself time and bury this idea without even starting. On the other hand, if everyone would think like this, the mankind would never enjoy lots and lots of little gadgets that were created without any reasons.

If you have creative mind, go for it. Create stuff. Someone will figure out what it can ‘t be used for.


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