How to blog after being laid off

Companies lay off people. It may happen to you, it may happen to me. Some laid off people immediately start blogging badmouthing their former employers. These blogs is the worst you can do to your career.

Today, I ran into a blog of a person whose position was cut as a result of Adobe ‘s recent layoff. I don ‘t know this person, but I was very impressed by the highly professional manner of how his blog was written . No hatred toward Adobe, no dirty laundry, etc.

It ‘s sad news, but just by reading this blog entry, I can clearly see that Jason is a good person and experienced software engineer. People like him don ‘t even need to apply for unemployment benefits. He ‘ll find a new job soon. I ‘m confident.

If you are looking for a software engineer, contact Jason. People like him don ‘t even need to apply for unemployment benefits. He won ‘t last long on the job market. It ‘s easy to find a developer who knows how to write if-statements in the programming language that you use. It ‘s not difficult to find a person who can code a bubble sort algorithm at the speed of sound. But it ‘s extremely difficult to find an experienced and loyal software engineer.

Good luck, Jason!

P.S. Mike Downey is yet another victim. Here ‘s what he wrote in his twitter : “I am no longer with Adobe. It ‘s all for the best. More updates to come later. ” Let ‘s learn to leave gracefully.

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