Two most impressive iPhone applications

Last week, I was sitting at a noisy restaurant. Somewhere on the background, this annoying elevator music was mixed into this noise. I decided to see if Shazam , a cool application that I installed on my iPhone, will be able to find out for me who ‘s singing. I was amazed – it was listening for a minute, and was able to recognize the song. This is freaking cool! It can recognize 6 million songs. Of course, after recognizing the song, it ‘ll conveniently offer you a link to buy this song at the Apple store, but IMO that is state of the art application.

The second great iPhone application comes from… Microsoft. This is that deep zoom technology (a.k.a. photosynth). Their new SeaDragon application shows how you can zoom into photos taken on a 700 megapixel cameras. What first looks as a myriads of dots, with a couple of multi-touch finger strokes turns into turns into millions of bottles with labels that you can read.

Adobe also works on this deep zoom technology and the first sample Flex component can be found here.

Yakov Fain


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