Skiing in Alps. The first photos.

Second day of skiing is usually the most difficult of all trip. After year of sitting in front of the computer it “s not too easy to become a champion. My calves were aching, but I was determined to go skiing no matter what.

In the morning, I saw the woman who lost her husband yesterday. Sure enough, he was sitting right next to her. Told “ya!

The man who was peeing on he snow turned out to be a nice guy. I had some issues with the binding on one ski, and he helped me to fix it. His name was Dither. Our instructor is having hard time remembering all these weird to French ear names, but every time she “d look at him, he “d start reporting, “My name is Dither! rdquo;

The group was waiting for Irene she was a little behind skiing from the slop. Finally she arrived, but accidentally hit another man from our group. Everybody started screaming, “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss! rdquo; But she said, “I “m a shy girl and kiss only my husband. rdquo; Two hours later, the group was waiting for me, and this time I hit another lady and we both fell on the snow. Logically, the groups should have been shouting “Fck, Fck, Fck! rdquo; Well, it didn “t happen.

After lunch, the weather worsened, and we spent two hours skiing in the mist and fog. We were tired and happy to be back in the hotel. The show called Inauguration has just began. Isn “t all we need is to see celebrities and the red carpet. Have you noticed that Bush and Obama were arriving in the stretched Cadillac? No Mercedes. As we all know, American manufacturers make the best cars for the President of the United States! Inauguration is over. I didn “t vote for Obama, but I wish him all the best!

Yesterday, Obama paid the tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream. Because of that, we have the third Monday of January off and need to use only four of our vacation days to have this wonderful week of skiing in Alps. Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King!

If you are reading this blog, most likely you “d like to see some photos from my skiing vacation. Here you go: Beef Carpaccio, French bread, Osobuko, and a cheese tray at our all-you-can-eat buffet.


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