Skiing in Alps. Susanin and Suvorov

Yesterday morning my leg muscles were still aching and I decided to ski only a half day. After lunch I went to a local Aqua Sportif Center with good saunas, steam rooms (French call them hammam), Jacuzzis, and a large swimming pool. This was a smart decision ndash; today my legs were fine.

Our resort is located in the area known as Three Valleys and today our instructor took us to Chourchevel, a favorite place for rich Russian people. The rumors has it that Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich wanted to purchase this town and offered every local owner of real estate 30% above the market value. But proud French didn “t accept this offer, and I “m really glad they didn “t.

On the way to Courchevel, one of the gondolas was wired with music speakers. It was playing a Rap song with simple and easy to remember lyrics:

I don “t have a problem when you “re fucking me

But I have a problem when you “re not fucking me

Twenty-something French skiers were enjoying and singing along to this music masterpiece. American culture rules! As President Obama correctly noted during his inauguration speech, “America is ready to lead again rdquo;.

Skiing was great ndash; a sunny day and about 3 feet of fresh natural snow. Early in the morning one can hear the dynamite blowing up the avalanches before people will start skiing.

Now it “s time for a little bit of history. Two days ago all of a sudden we found ourselves on a slope with fog, mist and very poor visibility. In such conditions, it “s much more difficult to ski as you don “t know your own whereabouts. The instructor was local, and kept saying, “Don “t worry, we are moving in the right direction, just follow the trail of the person in front of you rdquo;. After about an hour of such skiing some women in our group started to get a little nervous, and I announced that we were planning the game called Ivan Susanin.

Since not everyone knew who this person was, I explained that he was a Russian hero who told the Polish enemies that he “d lead them to the monastery, but actually took them far into a snowy forest with no way out. He died there along with lots of enemies. For some reason my announcement didn “t raise the spirit of our group. Luckily, were out of there in a reasonable time.

At the end of the day, Aziza said, “I was always wondering how Aleksander Suvorov was able to lead his entire army over Alps two hundred years ago. And we are talking about soldiers, horses, all cannons and all ammunition! Just think about it ndash; no chairlifts, no gondolas, not even those stupid telescopic lifts that one day will make scramble eggs out of my balls. If you don “t know who “s Suvorov, just google it up. It ain “t the history text book, it “s just my personal blog.

Disclaimer. Both pictures were taken from Wikipedia.

After lunch, I made a wrong move and pulled the muscles on my lower back, which sucks.

It “s time for dinner. Orevuar!


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