Skiing in Alps. The cutoff leg

Yesterday, in the cafeteria, there was this square thingy with a boiling water. Several eggs were peacefully boiling in special holders made of wire. Victor stopped by and picked two eggs from there. A Frenchman who was standing nearby gave him a weird look, and Victor realized that this guy didn “t like the fact that he put the eggs on the plate instead of available china egg holders. The eggs were very tasty and ten minutes later Victor decided to have one more. This attempt was not successful as the real owner of the eggs explained that each person supposed to boil eggs for himself hellip;Oops hellip;

Two firefighters from Belgium were skiing in our group. The older one (he ‘s 76) told us this story. Thirty years ago his squad arrived to a highway were a car with a man inside was on fire. The leg of the driver stuck in the car, and there were not enough time to pull him out of the burning car. And the firefighter took his axe and chopped the driver “s leg off right under the knee. Then, he pulled the driver out of the car saving his life. I wonder if this would happen in the USA today, would a firefighter made the same decision without thinking of his lost job and law suites of the saved but crippled man? I don “t know.

Here I am drinking grog during the lunch break:

We spent the evening watching the show prepared by the resort crew. The MC sucked ndash; he was an old fart of my age. The show was good, especially that long legged black girl. I knew she was a professional dancer!

Today “s the last day of our vacation. Instead of skiing a small group of us went to the Aqua place I “ve been two days ago. We arrived at 10:30AM and it was suspiciously cheap ndash; just 6 Euros. After I got in, I realized the sauna was closed till 11:30AM and the only option I had was to immerse into a pool with about 20 mermaids who were doing Aqua aerobics. The average age of a mermaid was 70 years, and this number would be a lot higher if my ever-young wife would not be one of them.

The aqua aerobics instructor spoke French only, and it was hard to figure our what movements I was supposed to do under the water without peeking at the tails of the mermaids that were splashing nearby. In 45 minutes the lesson was over and we did the sauna and the steam room.

While waiting for a seafood buffet, we “ve had a conversation discussing why some women have issues finding a new husband after a divorce. David said that one of his friends complained that no one responded to her post on the online dating Web site. David asked, “What did you put in your ad? rdquo; 
She said, “I put that I like having romantic candle dinners in nice restaurant, listening to the classical music hellip; rdquo; 
David was divorced for a long time and he responded, “With this ad you “ll never find a new husband. Write that you will cook him a nice dinner daily, wash his clothes, and won “t control him all the time. rdquo; David is a smart guy!

To add my two cents to the discussion, I told them a joke. A couple spent many years together and the wife said, “Honey, if I die first, don “t grieve for too long. Get remarried. rdquo; The husband answered, “No, if God forbid, you “ll die first, I “ll never get remarried. I won “t be able to find a woman better than you, but having another one as yourself is the last thing I want. rdquo;

We already packed our bags. This was nice group vacation. One misplaced shoulder, a swallen tooth, two pulled backs, and one pulled leg don ‘t count. It “s time to get back to work.


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