Our Flex framework Clear Toolkit goes open source

Our company, Farata Systems, started the process of open sourcing of our Clear Toolkit framework for developing enterprise Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex and Java. The source code is located in the Sourceforge CVS repository at http://sourceforge.net/projects/cleartoolkit/ . The current documentation, demos, user forums, and bug trackers are also there.

Clear Toolkit 3.1 includes the following Eclipse plugins and components:

Clear Data Builder 3.1 is an Eclipse plugin that allows to generate CRUD applications for BlazeDS or LCDS based on either an SQL statement or a Java data transfer object.

DTO2Fx is a utility that automatically generates proper ActionScript classes based on their Java peers.

Log4Fx is an Eclipse plugin built on top of Flex logging API, but it automates and makes the logging process more flexible and user friendly.

Fx2Ant is a generator of optimized ANT build scripts for your Flex Builder projects.

clear.swc is an enhanced Flex component library. The source code of all components is located in the package com.farata.components.

Clear Toolkit roadmap includes the following enhancements this year:

1. Offer data synchronization solution for AIR/BlaseDS applications – February 2009

2. Enhance Flex UI component to support PDF generation on the client – April 2009

3 Document classes from Clear component library (clear.swc) – June 2009

4. Open source ClearBI, a Web reporter for Flex – August, 2009

All these components were (and still are) offered for free at http://www.myflex.org but now we are inviting developers from around the world to join us in making Clear Toolkit the open source platform of choice for all Flex developers.



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