Have you submitted your proposal for Max09?

Tomorrow is the last day for submitting papers for Adobe ‘s main conference called Max ’09.

I ‘ve submitted two proposals – one ‘s called “Practical Flex Design Patterns That Make Sense “, and the other one is titled “Data Synchronization with AIR and BlazeDS “. Hopefully, one of them will be accepted… because I ‘ve never been to LA 🙂

Just found the audio recording of our panel at MAX ’08 called “Flex Architecture faceoff “. I was one of the four panelists on stage. Beside being a practitioner, each of us was an O ‘Reilly book author. Here ‘s the recording: http://tv.adobe.com/?sdid=ELUHV#vi+f15384v1055

As always, the most aggressive panelist is yours truly. Was that joke about the goat a little bit too much? If none of my proposals will be accepted, we ‘ll know who ‘s to blame – the goat.


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