My three iPhone predictions for 2010

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1. Apple will let Flash Player on iPhone no later than October “10. They don “t have a choice, if they want to stay competitive. Enough of a crippled Web browser already.

2. ActionScript won “t kill, but will seriously damage Objective-C as the language of choice for development of iPhone applications. The programs written in ActionScript will be a lot more entertaining and engaging than today ‘s iPhone applications.

3. The next version of the Droid phone will be so cool, that I “ll switch from iPhone/AT amp;T to Droid/Verizon. Verizon “s phone service is clearly better. I just need a modern device. Lots of people in the USA will do the same. Should I put the money where my mouth is and purchase some VZ stocks?

OK. Two more. Not exactly about iPhone.

4. I ‘ll still have to work for living in 2010.

5. I ‘ll convince myself to get a new MacBook Pro. This time I ‘ll try a large one cause it goes with 7-hour battery.


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