Submitted &”Java for Blondes&” workshop proposal

I ‘ve submitted the following hands-on workshop proposal to the Flash And The City conference:

“Java for Blondes

In Java community, Flashers are considered second league. While Java developers build highly-available scalable multi-threaded systems for Wall Street, Flashers are fooling around with animations, effects and bending pixels. This is a four-hour hands on workshop. The first part will be spent explaining basics of Java development. In the second part, attendees will develop Flex/BlazeDS/Java/DBMS application, which is their to keep. There is a limited number of seats for brunettes too. ”

Not sure if this kind of a proposal will make it to this event, but I ‘m planning to run this workshop (or its stretched version) a couple of times next year.

Blondes, unite!


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