Flex Camp Wall Street next week

A good mix of practitioners and Adobe Evangelists will be presenting on various topics related to using Adobe Flex in the real-world projects. Farata Systems will be represented by Victor Rasputnis and myself. Hope to see you there.

Victor will show you how to generate complete CRUD Adobe Flex/BlazeDS applications based on Hibernate framework on the Java server side. Clear DataBuilder Eclipse plugin will assist us in annotating Java interface without the need to do manual coding and configuration. You will see remote lazy loading of the collections, server-less transactions controlled from the client and, integration with Adobe Fiber – a model-driven development environment of Adobe LCDS… but with BlazeDS.

I ‘ll talk about making networking of Wall Street applications reliable with BlazeDS. Loosing a trade order is not an option. But using free and open source BlazeDS for Flex/Java communications doesn “t guarantee 100% of all your clients ” orders will reach the destinations. This talk is an overview of networking problems of Flex-BlazeDS enterprise applications with the demo of the error-emulating protocol, which concludes with introducing of reliable AMF channels.

Visit the Web page of Flex Camp Wall Street for more details.


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