Ill be teaching public Java class in December in NYC

I ‘ll be teaching a hands-on Java/Java EE class in December in New York City. If you know any other programming language, this may become your chance to jump into the enterprise Java development. It won ‘t be easy to get from zero to hero in just five days, but it ‘s doable with the right motivation. During the first three days you ‘ll be learning the Java language as it ‘s used for programming for the client side (Java SE), and the last two days are for developing on the server side with the latest Java EE 6 technologies.

If interested, register here. While you “ll be enjoying my class, your spouse will enjoy Christmas shopping in New York City.This offer may be especially appealing for wives and girlfriends of Russian oligarchs – send him to school and have fun in the City of the World! If the price of this class seems to low for him, I can provide an alternative registration page with an extra zero at the end.

If you want me to teach this class privately on-site in your organization, send me an email at yfain at


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