Apples Magic Trackpad didnt do the magic

In my 2-year old MacBook Pro the trackpad stopped working. Well, it works when I “m on the ground, but when I “m up in the air (on the board of any aircraft) it stops working. Smart me decided to purchase the new toy from Apple ndash; the magic trackpad . Proud of my own yet-another-smart-decision, I boarded the plane. Guess what? The magic trackpad didn “t do the magic. It didn “t work in the air either.

Apparently Apple designed this device just to communicate with the main trackpad via the Bluetooth. But when the main trackpad malfunctions, the “magic rdquo; one does the same. This makes it the most useless over-hyped deficit item I “ve ever seen coming from Apple.

But I “m not angry with Apple, honestly. I purchased their stocks back in January for $203 a share, and now they go for more than $300 and keep moving up. Now I have the money for the new MacBook Pro.

On the positive side, I “m a proud owner of a unique device that QA teams in product development companies should try to purchase from me. They can do accessibility tests of their products on my MacBook. The test lab should be set on board of any aircraft. As soon as the plane will be airborn, they “ll see how their software products suck when only keyboard is available.

Make your bid guys! I “ll put my 15 rdquo; MacBook Pro on eBay with a modest starting bid of $1000 USD.


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