Dear Apple…So?

Here ‘s yet another well written blog by Rachel Luxemburg that looks like a petition to Steve Jobs. So?

Such write-ups won ‘t have any effect on the Apple ‘s decision about Flash Player. It ‘s a cold blooded decision, and if the real reason for not letting FP on iPhone OS is to keep control of the applications and have a cut from the iStore, writing blogs and I ‘m also a big fan of Adobe software typing this comment on MBP and want Flash Player to be on iPhone and iPad. So?

Open letters won ‘t help. Begging won ‘t help. For some reason, Leonard Cohen ‘s words come to mind:

Ah but a man never got a woman back

Not by begging on his knees

Or Id crawl to you baby

And Id fall at your feet

And Id howl at your beauty

Like a dog in heat

And Id claw at your heart

And Id tear at your sheet

Id say please, please

Im your man

If Flash Player really performs poorly on iPhone OS, as John Gruber describes , than it can be resolved only by two people: Apple ‘s and Adobe ‘s CEOs.

Lee Brimelow, a respected Adobe evangelist published a really cool blog showing how some Web sites will look like if the Flash Player support is turned off in the Web browser. So? There ‘s an iPhone version of CNN that shows videos using Apple ‘s QuickTime instead of Flash Player.

If Apple will insist on having 100% control as to what software can run on iPhone/iPad, they ‘ll force third-party developers to bend and find the way to play by the rules. If you are a small software vendor, do you want to ignore the market of 50 million of hot devices (iPhones)? Even if you are a large software vendor, you still don ‘t want to ignore this market, and Adobe found a brilliant way to get into developing software for iPhone OS and offering it in iStore in ActionScript in CS5.

Something ‘s gotta give.


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