Once again about Apple

Two most fashionable discussions for this Spring-Summer season are:

1. Will Apple kill Flash Player?

2. Will Apple kill Adobe?

Apple won ‘t kill neither Flash Player nor Adobe. Yes, Steve Jobs is going slightly mad. He goes against all rules in the industry, and there ‘s no logic in his statements. For example, today Apple allowed Opera browser on iPhone violating their own non-compete rule for accepting application for the iPhone OS. But if you think about it, all important shifts in the computing industry were made by “crazy ” people who were pissing against the wind.

At this point, let ‘s enjoy Freddy Mercury, the best impersonator of Steve Jobs – they even look alike. Three other guys in this video play roles of CEO ‘s of Adobe, Google and Microsoft.

But having said all this, it ‘s obvious that Adobe is too slow in releases of new software. Silverlight will become a serious competitor next year. The statements about Flash Player installs on 98% of desktops connected to the Internet don ‘t make me happy any longer as there are close to zero installs of Flash Player on the smart mobile devices. Five years from now most of the end-user computing will be initiated from hand held mobile devices. Google and Android go strong though!

Yes, Android phones will get Flash Player 10.1 in a couple of months but this is not enough. And yes, Windows Mobile 7 will support it too. And yes, Adobe has agreements regarding Flash Player with 19 out of 20 vendors of mobile devices. But that vendor #20 is very important regardless of how slightly mad its leader is.

I ‘m wondering if Adobe is working secretly on their own mobile device? Just a thought. These days any respected software company has to have their own line of mobile phones.

When the outside temperature rises

And the meaning is oh so clear

One thousand and one yellow daffodils

Begin to dance in front of you – oh dear

Are they trying to tell you something?

You ‘re missing that one final screw

You ‘re simply not in the pink my dear

To be honest you haven ‘t got a clue

I ‘m going slightly mad

I ‘m going slightly mad

It finally happened – happened

It finally happened – ooh oh

It finally happened – I ‘m slightly mad

Oh dear!

I ‘m a big fan of Queen, and you?


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