Todays tragedy and KGB cowards

My deep condolences to the citizens of Poland on today ‘s tragedy – the plane crash, where almost a hundred people died. But what makes things worse is the cowardish coverage of the event by a largest Russian news portal and Channel 1, the main TV channel of Russia. I just finished watching the main daily news in Russian called “Programa Vremya “. More than a dozen times the Russian KGB-raised leaders Putin and Medvedev and reporters stated either that the “Polish delegation was coming to participate in the 70th anniversary of a massacre ” or “the Polish delegation was coming to participate in a memorial ceremony “.

These cowards didn ‘t have balls to openly state that this was a mass murder of more than 21000 Polish military men by Soviet NKVD – the ancestor of KGB and today ‘s FSB. Most of the Russian people either don ‘t know about this event or were made to believe that this killing was made by Nazis. Until Russia will not find a way to openly admit that Stalin was a criminal of Gitler ‘s caliber, they won ‘t have a future.

Watch the movie Katyn by the famous Polish director Andrzej Waida. Read this article about Katyn or use Google ‘s service to translate and read this entry from Polish Wikipedia or this one from the Russian one.


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