Android Anarchy

Two years ago I switched from Windows computers to MacBook from Apple, and there is no way back. Why? If you understand the difference in driving Mercedes and Ford, you know the answer. During this time I ‘ve been using a number of non Apple programs on this computer, and the only negative experience I got so far was from Microsof Word – I have to use it to submit my new book chapter to my publisher.

Now let ‘s switch to the world of smart phones. I ‘ve been waiting for Android phones and honestly tried to find the device that would give me a better than iPhone experience. Peer pressure, you know. Android is open platform, as opposed to closed iOS controlled by evil Steve Jobs.

But the more I read about legions developers that heroically overcome difficulties in creating pretty much useless applications for Android the more I ‘m proud of myself for purchasing iPhone 4, the Mercedes of smart phones. Viruses are entering Android OS.Armies of software developers are writing mediocre programs for Android. Enjoy your freedom!

Maybe Steve Jobs is right in forcing people writing better quality code? Maybe he ‘s trying to keep the wannabe programmers away? Is he building elite guild in the software industry?

What do you think?


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